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  • Cognitive styles and religion 

    Yazarlar:Yılmaz, Onurcan
    Yayıncı ve Tarih:(Elsevier B.V., 2021)
    I discuss recent research suggesting that individual differences in cognitive style give rise to and explain religious and related supernatural and paranormal beliefs. To do so, I illustrate intuitive cognitive biases (e.g., anthropomorphism) underlying these beliefs and then review the accumulated evidence indicating that non-believers are more open-minded, reflective, and less susceptible to holding epistemically suspect beliefs (e.g., conspiracy theories) on average than those who believe in ...

  • Physical-Layer Security With Optical Generalized Space Shift Keying 

    Spatial modulation (SM) is a promising technique that reduces inter-channel interference while providing high power efficiency and detection simplicity. In order to ensure the secrecy of SM, precoding and friendly jamming are widely adopted in the literature. However, neither of those methods can take advantage of SM. In this paper, a novel spatial constellation design (SCD) technique is proposed to enhance the physical layer security (PLS) of optical generalized space shift keying (GSSK), which ...

  • Does mood affect institutional herding? 

    Drawing on a unique data set of daily portfolio holdings for Turkish mutual funds we investigate the relationship between mood and institutional herding on the premises of various established mood proxies (weekend effect; holiday effect; Ramadan; sunshine). Results indicate that fund managers in Turkey herd significantly, with their herding growing in magnitude as the number of active funds per stock rises and appearing stronger on the buy-than the sell-side. Although the relationship of mood with ...

  • Large Eddy Simulation of Wind Flow over A Realistic Urban Area 

    Yazarlar:Kirkil, Gökhan; Lin, Ching-Long
    Yayıncı ve Tarih:(MDPI, 2020)
    A high-resolution large eddy simulation (LES) of wind flow over the Oklahoma City downtown area was performed to explain the effect of the building height on wind flow over the city. Wind flow over cities is vital for pedestrian and traffic comfort as well as urban heat effects. The average southerly wind speed of eight meters per second was used in the inflow section. It was found that heights and distribution of the buildings have the greatest impact on the wind flow patterns. The complexity of ...

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