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  • Realistic performance considerations for combinational cooperative detection method 

    Authors:Samo, Rameez Ahmed
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    Combinational cooperative detection (CCD) method is different from the conventional cooperative detection method in the sense that each user may reach a different decision for the activity of the primary user. in the CCD method the locations of the secondary users (SUs) were fixed and selected near the border points of the communication area. The detection performance for SUs at random locations was not considered earlier. The CCD method’s practical implementation was explained with observing ...

  • Scattering transfer matrix factorization based synthesis of resistively terminated LC ladder networks 

    Authors:Aydoǧar, Zafer
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2011)
    Bu yüksek lisans tezimde, direnç ile sonlandırılmış LC merdiven devrelerin sentezi için algoritmalr önerilmiştir. Bu algoritmalar saçılma transfer matrisi faktorizasyonuna dayanır. Alçak-geçiren, yüksek-geçiren, band-geçiren ve band-söndüren durumlar için dört algoritma geliştirilmiştir. Algoritmaların temelinde şu fikir yer almaktadır: İlk olarak, verilen saçılma tranfer matrisi kullanılarak bir sabit hesaplanır. Bu sabitin değerine göre çekilecek elemanın tipine karar verilir, daha sonra verilen ...

  • Semi persistent radio resource allocation for machine type communications in 5g and beyond cellular networks 

    Authors:Haj Hussıen, Zaid
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2018)
    The fast growth of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in cellular networks brings the challenge of satisfying diverse Quality-of-Service (QoS) requirements of massive number of machine type communications (MTC) devices with limited radio resources. in this study we first introduce the minimum bandwidth resource allocation problem for M2M communications in 5G and beyond cellular networks. NP-hardness of the problem is proven. Then we propose a fast and efficient polynomial-time algorithm ...

  • Sparse channel estimation and data detection algorithms for ofdm-based underwater acoustic communication systems 

    Authors:Altabbaa, Mhd Tahssin
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2018)
    Communication over acoustic signals in underwater results into a multi-scale multilag channels which occurs due to the multipath propagation. Hence a robust channel estimation technique has to be present at the receiver and the solutions of the terrestrial-based systems are not applicable. in this work using path-based channel model that characterizes underwater channels by a delay a Doppler shift and an attenuation factors three new pilot assisted time domain-based channel estimation algorithms ...

  • The assessment of Turkey as a soft power :2009-2014 

    Authors:Yeşilkaya, Anıl
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    Rapid development in technology and increasing necessity to reach information instantaneously saturates RF bands rapidly. Because of that it can be seen that we are gradually approaching upper limits of the band. it can said that operating beyond that upper limit would be hard and unfeasible for 5th generation mobile systems (5G). At this point it is needed to develop alternative telecommunication systems to RF technology. VLC could be the most appropriate and appealing solution for researchers ...