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  • An intelligent approach to CAM software selection 

    Authors:Ayaǧ, Zeki
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2012)
    In this paper an intelligent approach is presented to help the companies select most suitable CAM software for their current and future needs. For this purpose fuzzy AHP method is used to carry out CAM selection process more effectively easily and applicable for a company. Shortly the objectives of the research are

  • An Analysis for the Use of Compressed Sensing Method in Microwave Imaging 

    One of the most important problems encountered in microwave imaging methods is intensive data processing traffic that occurs when high resolution and real time tracking is desired. Radar signals can be recovered without loss of data with a randomly selected subset of the measurement data by compression sensing (CS) method which has been popular in recent years. For this reason, in this study, the use and capabilities of the CS method were investigated for tracking moving human, and the target ...

  • Analysis of Extended Busy Tone Performance for Coexistence between WRAN and WLAN TVWS Networks 

    Authors:Karatalay, Onur; Erküçük, Serhat; Baykaş, Tunçer
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2015)
    TV White Spaces indicate spectrum bands which were reserved for licensed terrestrial TV broadcasting and opened to unlicensed use under regulatory conditions. One important regulation which is common in all regulatory domains is no harmful interference is created to licensed devices. On the other hand interference between unlicensed devices is not regulated. As a result system designers developed new methods to improve coexistence between TVWS networks. Extended busy tone one of such methods is ...

  • Analytical approaches for the amplitude and frequency computations in the astable cellular neural networks with opposite sign templates 

    Authors:Tander, Baran; Özmen, Atilla
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2007)
    In this paper, by using surface fitting methods, analytical approaches for amplitudes and frequencies of the x(1,2)(t) "States" in a simple dynamical neural network called "Cellular Neural Network with Opposite Sign Templates" which was proposed by Zou and Nossek [1], are obtained under oscillation conditions. The mentioned explicit expressions are employed in a cellular neural network based, amplitude and frequency tuneable oscillator design.

  • Analytical Expense Management System 

    Authors:Bozkuş, Zeki; Bisson, Christophe; Arsan, Taner
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2009)
    Although the development of communication technologies (e.g: UMTS ADSL) allowed the elaboration of multiple users' web applications (e.g. information storage) there are still many improvements on many applications to be done and uncovered areas. Expense management systems on web application area are still in their infancy. Expense management software is widely spread in companies and most of time supported by their intranet. These solutions are quite simple as they mainly collect the information ...

  • Anomaly Detection in Walking Trajectory 

    Authors:Öǧrenci, Arif Selçuk
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2018)
    Analysis of the walking trajectory and the detection of anomalies in this trajectory, provide important benefits in the fields of health and security. In this work, two methods to detect anomalies in trajectories, are compared. Firstly, an unsupervised method is used where the conformance among trajectories are taken into consideration. Trajectories that deviate from others are qualified as anomalies. Secondly, the points in the trajectories are considered as a time series. Artifical neural networks ...

  • Assessment of Harmonic Distortion on Distribution Feeders with Electric Vehicles and Residential PVs 

    Authors:Ceylan, Oğuzhan; Paudyal, Sumit; Dahal, Sudarshan; Karki, Nava R.
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2017)
    Power-electronic interfacing based devices such as photovoltaic (PV) panels and electric vehicles (EVs) cause voltage/current harmonic distortions on the power grid. The harmonic current profiles from EVs and PVs depend on the design of the controllers integrated to the PV inverters and EV chargers. Similarly the voltage and current harmonic distortions on a grid change throughout the day as the PV output power number of grid connected EVs and the other load pattern change. In this context we ...

  • Audience Tracking and Cheering Content Control in Sports Events 

    Swearing cheers encountered in sports competitions do not comply with sports ethics and morals. Even if this kind of cheering is a group, the entire tribune block is penalized in accordance with the current rules. This method is not preventive and individual punishment should be used. The aim of this study is to determine the individuals who cheer with swearing content. In this study, the person detection is made with the multi-task cascaded convolutional neural network. Moreover, facial landmarks ...

  • Bayesian compressive sensing for ultra-wideband channel models 

    Authors:Ozgor, Mehmet; Erküçük, Serhat; Cirpan, Hakan Ali
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2012)
    Considering the sparse structure of ultra-wideband (UWB) channels compressive sensing (CS) is suitable for UWB channel estimation. Among various implementations of CS the inclusion of Bayesian framework has shown potential to improve signal recovery as statistical information related to signal parameters is considered. In this paper we study the channel estimation performance of Bayesian CS (BCS) for various UWB channel models and noise conditions. Specifically we investigate the effects of (i) ...

  • Beacons for Indoor Positioning 

    This work aims to develop a system for the tracking and control of elderly or handicapped people in an indoor environment. We have developed both a special box using an Arduino board and a mobile application on Android to determine the location of the target based on the Bluetooth Low Energy signals transmitted by special Beacons which are placed in the area of interest. Both systems are used to determine the position of the person and to monitor any event that would cause an alert. Those events ...

  • Big Data Platform Development with a Domain Specific Language for Telecom Industries 

    This paper introduces a system that offer a special big data analysis platform with Domain Specific Language for telecom industries. This platform has three main parts that suggests a new kind of domain specific system for processing and visualization of large data files for telecom organizations. These parts are Domain Specific Language (DSL) Parallel Processing/Analyzing Platform for Big Data and an Integrated Result Viewer. hi addition to these main parts Distributed File Descriptor (DFD) is ...

  • Bitcoin Forecasting Using ARIMA and PROPHET 

    This paper presents all studies methodology and results about Bitcoin forecasting with PROPHET and ARIMA methods using R analytics platform. To find the most accurate forecast model the performance metrics of PROPHET and AMNIA methods are compared on the same dataset. The dataset selected 16r this study starts from May 2016 and ends in March 2018 which is the interval that Bitcoin values changing significantly against the other currencies. Data is prepared for time series analysis by performing ...

  • Broadband Single Matching with Lumped Elements 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2015)
    While designing broadband single matching networks for microwave communication systems via commercially available software tools it is necessary for these tools to select the proper matching network topology and element values. But how to make these selections is an unknown problem. But the proposed approach in this paper presents a practical method to generate single matching networks with good initial element values. After completing the design the performance of the designed single matching ...

  • Busy Tone Based Power Control for Coordination of IFFY 802.11af and 802.22 System 

    Authors:Ülgen, Oğuz; Erküçük, Serhat; Karatalay, Onur; Baykas, Tuncer
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2017)
    In this paper, a new power control algorithm based on busy tone approach has been proposed for the coordination of IEEE 802.22 and IEEE 802.11af systems in TV white space. Different from the earlier studies, in addition to both 802.11af access point and clients listening to the busy tone, they also adjust their communication power according to the location information and use hopping for communication, if needed Acccordingly, interference caused to 802.22 systems has been reduced while the 802.11af ...

  • Busy Tone Implementation for Coexistence of IEEE 802.22 and 802.11 af Systems 

    Authors:Karatalay, Onur; Erküçük, Serhat; Baykaş, Tunçer
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2015)
    In this paper a new algorithm based on busy tone approach has been proposed for the coexistence of IEEE 802.22 and IEEE 802.11af systems in TV white space. Different from the earlier study in addition to 802.11af access points listening to the busy tone signal their clients also listen to the busy tone and let the access points know once they hear it. Accordingly interference caused to 802.22 systems has been reduced. This study quantifies the improved system performance in terms of interfering ...

  • Cascaded Lossless Commensurate Line Synthesis 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2009)
    In this paper a synthesis algorithm for cascaded lossless commensurate lines is summarized. The algorithm is based on transfer matrix factorization. Firstly the characteristic impedance of the extracted element is calculated and then after extracting the element the reflection factor of the remaining network is calculated. This process is repeated until the termination resistance is reached. An example is included to illustrate the implementation of the algorithm.

  • Channel Equalization with Cellular Neural Networks 

    Authors:Özmen, Atilla; Tander, Baran
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2010)
    In this paper a dynamic neural network structure called Cellular Neural Network (CNN) is employed for the equalization in digital communication. It is shown that this nonlinear system is capable of suppressing the effect of intersymbol interference (ISI) and the noise at the channel. The architecture is a small-scaled simple CNN containing 9 neurons thus having only 19 weight coefficients. Proposed system is compared with linear transversal filters as well as with a Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) ...

  • Channel Estimation for DCO-OFDM Based VLC Systems in the Presence of Clipping Noise 

    Authors:Bektaş, Ekin Başak; Panayırcı, Erdal
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2020)
    Visible Light Communication(VLC) has been considered as a potential access option for 6G wireless systems to solve performance limitation due to bandwidth shortage at radio frequency (RF) band. In VLC system, illumination infrastructure has dual usage at the same time namely illumination and wireless data transmission. DC-Biased optical DCO-OFDM with clipping has been proposed for VLC systems to provide optically power efficient solution and easy implementation. Wireless communication systems ...

  • Channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM systems in fixed broadband wireless applications 

    Authors:Karakaya, Bahattin; Çırpan, Hakan Ali; Panayırcı, Erdal
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2007)
    Systems employing multiple transmit and receive antennas known as multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems can be used with OFDM to improve the resistance to channel impairments. Thus the technologies of OFDM and MIMO are equipped in fixed wireless applications with attractive features including high data rates and robust performance. However since different signals are transmitted from different antennas simultaneously the received signal is the superposition of these signals which implies ...

  • Channel Estimation for SM Systems over Time-Varying Rayleigh Fading Channels 

    Authors:Acar, Yusuf; Dogan, Hakan; Panayırcı, Erdal
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2014)
    This paper is concerned with the challenging and timely problem of channel estimation for spatial modulated systems in the presence of time varying channels. Recently estimation of channel state information for SM systems is investigated by the recursive least square (RLS) algorithm for slow fading channels. However it is clear that the RLS based receiver will have a performance degradation for fast fading channels. Therefore we developed iterative channel estimation based on detected symbols and ...