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  • Do generous parental leave policies help top female earners? 

    Generous government-mandated parental leave is generally viewed as an effective policy to support women's careers around childbirth. But does it help women to reach top positions in the upper pay echelon of their firms? Using longitudinal employer-employee matched data for the entire Norwegian population, we address this question exploiting a series of reforms that expanded paid leave from 30 weeks in 1989 to 52 weeks in 1993. The representation of women in top positions has only moderately increased ...

  • Unveiling the effects of a headscarf ban: Evidence from municipal jobs in Turkey 

    Authors:Çörekçioğlu, Gözde
    Publisher and Date:(Academic Press Inc., 2020)
    Religious conservatism is often associated with patriarchal attitudes and deterioration of women's rights. This conventional wisdom has motivated ubiquitous policies that limit public expressions of religion and emphasize secular values. This paper demonstrates that a policy change which undermines secularity ends up empowering women. The current article takes advantage of a unique divergence in political institutions that occurred in Turkey's recent history to explore how revoking a headscarf ban ...