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  • Invisible navigation (or impossible?) 

    Authors:O'Neil, Mary Lou; Özcan, Oğuzhan
    Publisher and Date:(2013)
    This article introduces an experimental artwork on moving mobile interfaces. It aims to answer the question: Is it possible to navigate a part of a large image composition, moving a smaller interface of a mobile device in a certain direction such as left and right, back and forth or up and down? The article then outlines the new concept of "Invisible (or impossible) Navigation" and discusses the output of artistic practices which address the "Labyrinth of Art".

  • Prayer bead gestures and television: A case study on cultural inspirations for interaction art education 

    The authors interactive design-art educators recount their experience in using cultural inspirations as part of student exercises. The authors found that although students proposed various design concepts drawing from the surrounding culture very few moved beyond experience design art. In order to remedy this situation without giving explicit direction the authors encouraged students to examine cultural habits and/or artifacts from their past or their current lives in the hope that this could ...