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  • Busy Tone Based Power Control for Coordination of IFFY 802.11af and 802.22 System 

    Authors:Ülgen, Oğuz; Erküçük, Serhat; Karatalay, Onur; Baykas, Tuncer
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2017)
    In this paper, a new power control algorithm based on busy tone approach has been proposed for the coordination of IEEE 802.22 and IEEE 802.11af systems in TV white space. Different from the earlier studies, in addition to both 802.11af access point and clients listening to the busy tone, they also adjust their communication power according to the location information and use hopping for communication, if needed Acccordingly, interference caused to 802.22 systems has been reduced while the 802.11af ...

  • A New Approach for Coexistence of IEEE 802.11af and IEEE 802.22 Systems 

    Authors:Ülgen, Oğuz; Baykas, Tuncer; Erküçük, Serhat
    Publisher and Date:(2018)
    In this paper, various algorithms are proposed to help IEEE 802.11af and IEEE 802.22 wireless systems to coexist in TV white space by considering multiple techniques. By using busy tone, power control and multihop communication techniques, improvements have been made compared to prior approaches. With this approach, while IEEE 802.22 systems are protected from intra-network interference, IEEE 802.11af systems are still able to continue transmitting packets. Considering the communication parameters ...

  • Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for Terahertz Communication Networks 

    Authors:Ülgen, Oğuz; Erküçük, Serhat; Baykaş, Tuncer
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2021)
    Terahertz communications is one of the promising technologies for the future mobile communication networks. Due to the ever increasing need for high-speed data transfer, higher bandwidths are required. As a solution, higher frequencies in the spectrum may be considered for future networks. In this paper, Terahertz band is selected since the latest technological advances make it possible to deploy mobile networks in this high-frequency band. To support higher bandwidth with an advanced multiple ...