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  • Indoor positioning system development / triangulation algorithm with least square method 

    Authors:Alp, Ebru
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2015)
    Nowadays, smartphone market penetration continues to grow with developing technology. Accordingly, position detection in closed areas has become an important research area. For instance; finding a direct route to the gate based on location at an airport, determining a route to the destination that could be a shop or cafe at a shopping center or informing about sales discount to increase sales using location are several applicable areas of position estimation. In the thesis, I developed triangulation ...

  • New generation android operating system-basedmobile application: RSS/news reader 

    Authors:Arsan, Taner; Erşahin, Mehmet Arif; Alp, Ebru
    Publisher and Date:(Springer Verlag, 2015)
    RSS (Rich Site Summary)/News Reader is a web-based Android OS application developed by using PhoneGap framework. HTML5 CSS and JavaScript are basically used for implementation instead of native Android programming language. This application has a production process like a web application because it is actually a fully working web program which is wrapped by PhoneGap framework. This means the application could be used on almost every mobile platform with making some basic arrangements.RSS/News ...