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  • Complete density calculations of q-state Potts and clock models: Reentrance of interface densities under symmetry breaking 

    Authors:Artun, E. Can; Berker, A. Nihat
    Publisher and Date:(Amer Physical Soc, 2020)
    All local bond-state densities are calculated for q-state Potts and clock models in three spatial dimensions, d = 3. The calculations are done by an exact renormalization group on a hierarchical lattice, including the density recursion relations, and simultaneously are the Migdal-Kadanoff approximation for the cubic lattice. Reentrant behavior is found in the interface densities under symmetry breaking, in the sense that upon lowering the temperature, the value of the density first increases and ...

  • Metastable Potts droplets 

    Authors:Artun, E. Can; Berker, A. Nihat
    Publisher and Date:(AMER PHYSICAL SOC, 2021-03)
    The existence and limits of metastable droplets have been calculated using finite-system renormalization-group theory, for q-state Potts models in spatial dimension d = 3. The dependence of the droplet critical sizes on magnetic field, temperature, and number of Potts states q has been calculated. The same method has also been used for the calculation of hysteresis loops across first-order phase transitions in these systems. The hysteresis loop sizes and shapes have been deduced as a function of ...