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  • Determining matchdays in sports league schedules to minimize rest differences 

    Authors:Çavdaroğlu, Burak; Atan, Tankut
    Publisher and Date:(ELSEVIER, 2020)
    Many sports leagues first announce the games to be played in each round and then determine their matchdays as the season progresses. This study focuses on the fairness criterion of minimizing the total rest difference among opposing teams to find the matchdays for an announced schedule. We show that the problem is decomposable into optimizing the rounds separately. We also provide a polynomial-time exact algorithm for canonical schedules.

  • Minimization of rest mismatches in round robin tournaments 

    In sports tournaments an occurrence of a difference in the rest periods of opponent teams in a game which we refer to as a rest mismatch will disadvantage the less rested team. Thus it is only fair to expect opposing teams to have rested equally before their game. In this work we introduce and study the Rest Mismatch Problem where the goal is to minimize the number of rest mismatches in a round robin tournament. Two integer linear formulations and a constraint programming formulation are provided ...