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  • Dark Patches in Clustering 

    Authors:Ishaq, Waqar; Büyükkaya, Eliya
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2017)
    This survey highlights issues in clustering which hinder in achieving optimal solution or generates inconsistent outputs. We called such malignancies as dark patches. We focus on the issues relating to clustering rather than concepts and techniques of clustering. For better insight into the issues of clustering we categorize dark patches into three classes and then compare various clustering methods to analyze distributed datasets with respect to classes of dark patches rather than conventional ...

  • Peer-to-peer live video streaming with rateless codes for massively multiplayer online games 

    We present a multi-level multi-overlay hybrid peer-to-peer live video system that enables players of Massively Multiplayer Online Games to simultaneously stream the video of their game and watch the game videos of other players. Each live video bitstream is encoded with rateless codes and multiple trees are used to transmit the encoded symbols. Trees are constructed dynamically with the aim to minimize the transmission rate at the source while maximizing the number of served peers and guaranteeing ...

  • Vehicle classification using magnetic sensor data 

    Authors:Uçar, Mustafa Said
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Advancements in computational power allow us to create more complex systems to solve various complicated problems. Considering numerical sensor values, computers are able to process more and more data compared to humans. Computer-based systems provide useful statistics, and predictions for problems and helps us to solve our problems in daily life. Automated vehicle classification plays an important role in City Environmental Planning and will play an even more important role when the ...