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  • Humans vs. animals: A contemporary moral perspective toward dietary and ethical lifestyles 

    Authors:Bayramoğlu, Yunus
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Dietary practices are linked with ethics and morality based on different sources of motivations (e.g., moral philosophy). Some of these dietary practices can become a lifestyle with different behavioral patterns, habits and consuming choices in daily life (e.g., veganism). Veganism, by definition, opposes anthropocentrism (human-centrism) and regards animal life as having equal moral value as human life. Thus, using a revised version of the trolley problem, including species-incompatible scenarios ...

  • The Relationship Between Attachment to God Prosociality and Image of God 

    Although religiosity fosters some antisocial behaviors (e.g. support for suicide attacks) it is well-known that it also enhances in-group cooperation and prosociality (e.g. donating to charity). Supernatural punishment hypothesis suggests that the fear of punishment from an invisible potent and powerful supernatural agent can keep everyone in line and encourage prosociality. We first investigated this relationship in a predominantly Muslim country and then tested a model suggesting that attachment ...