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  • A historical assessment of Turkey's natural gas import vulnerability 

    Authors:Berk, Istemi; Ediger, Volkan S.
    Publisher and Date:(Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 2018)
    This article aims at evaluating the historical determinants and implications of Turkey's natural gas import dependency. We implement principle component analysis (PCA) methodology to construct a natural gas import vulnerability index (NGIVI) for the period between 1986 and 2014 using five factors: (1) the share of natural gas in primary energy consumption (2) the share of natural gas in primary energy imports (3) the non-diversification of natural gas import sources (4) the share of LNG in total ...

  • An assessment of mining efficiency in Turkish lignite industry 

    Authors:Ediger, Volkan S.; Berk, Istemi; Ersoy, Mucella
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science, 2015)
    This article focuses on the mining activities of Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI) the major lignite supplier in Turkey. First we analyzed the lignite production and overburden removal activities of TKI from a historical perspective and then employed the Principle Component Analysis to build a mining efficiency index of TKI and investigated its historical development since the establishment of the company. We found that labor productivity and operational structure have been the most important factors ...

  • Forecasting the Coal Production: Hubbert Curve Application on Turkey's Lignite Fields 

    Authors:Berk, Istemi; Ediger, Volkan S.
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science, 2016)
    The dependence on imported energy sources is one of the biggest challenges that Turkey and many other similar countries face in the 21st Century and the gap between production and consumption cannot be decreased without increasing the domestic production. Forecasting of domestic energy production therefore plays a vital role in order to be able to develop sound energy policies towards maintaining sustainable development. However although this question is essential in this respect especially for ...

  • Geostrategic challenges in the oil and gas sectors 

    This chapter identifies the major geostrategic challenges that have emerged during the last two decades and assesses their implications for the global oil and gas sectors. The historical development of oil prices shows that there have been two major periods of volatility 1973-1986 and 1998-present each of which was preceded by two relatively stable periods. The two oil price shocks of the 1970s that were triggered by geopolitical events had long-term effects on global politics and economics. Major ...

  • Lignite resources of Turkey: Geology reserves and exploration history 

    This article aims to emphasize the importance of lignite which is the mostly used domestic energy source in the Turkish energy mix by briefly overviewing its geology reserves and exploration. Lignites are distributed in mostly continental sedimentary basins of Tertiary age all over the country. The lignite-bearing basins display the characteristics of different geological settings of which grabens and half-grabens are the most common ones especially in western Anatolia. The geological and chemical ...