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  • Culture, commodity and spectator under the influence of global industry: The case of Karaköy 

    Authors:Akbaş, Ozan
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    The final step industry has evolved into today also provides an excessive method of exhibiting. The transformation of the terminology branched under culture is redefined when the commodities are considered. Until the point of industrialization human history had been replacing forms of cultural production with a newer one. This continued from generation to generation until the mass production was introduced. Starting from the 18th century historic memory has started to fade under the guise of ...

  • Istanbul as a fashion city 

    Authors:Akpınarlı, Ezgi
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    This research aims to examine the Istanbul-based fashion design environment in the context of fashion city. As the main research question: Is it possible to define Istanbul as a fashion city? Istanbul; will be compared with the components of two fashion cities with their different dynamics such as Paris and Berlin. The concept of fashion city; within the framework of the fashion industry, gentrification, institutionalization and fashion as a cultural object in the city will be evaluated through ...

  • Rewriting history: Interpreting heritage in saint petersburg and istanbul 

    Authors:Erek, Ayşe Nur
    Publisher and Date:(Taylor and Francis, 2019)
    Our chapter analyses the paradoxes of reconstructing and reinterpreting architectural heritage, with a focus on the phenomenon of disappearing history. We argue: In the process of multiplication of actors involved in the reconstruction and reinterpretation of heritage sites, history and historical facts are playing a dwindling role. Using two case studies—Degtyarnyy Lane, a former tram station and park in Saint Petersburg, and the Emek Cinema building and Roma Garden in Istanbul, both of which are ...

  • Traces of informal placemaking the case of Caferağa neighborhood in İstanbul 

    Authors:Topaloğlu, Aysel Merve
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Today, placemaking practice consists of deliberate and mostly planned activities and projects in urban spaces. Yet, the differentiation and appropriation of a space is simply the process of creating places. Placemaking then, may appear as a casual and unplanned occurrence resulting from human interactions and interventions in the fabric of urban space. It is the informal placemaking that is rooted in unplanned and daily human activities and spontaneous interactions in a space. Hence, informal ...