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  • Analysis and Implications of the Giant Component for an Online Interactive Platform 

    This research is concerned with practical and research challenges related to understanding the nature of online interactive platforms. So-called network science is adopted to investigate the very nature of these systems as complex systems. In this regard we examine an online interactive health network and show that the interactive platform examined exhibits essential structural properties that characterize most real complex networks. We basically look into the largest connected component so-called ...

  • Analysis of the Patients and Physicians Connection Network on an online Health Information Platform 

    Authors:Aydın, Mehmet Nafiz; Perdahci, N. Ziya
    Publisher and Date:(IOS Press, 2014)
    Social network applications have gained popularity in the health domain as they bring health information seekers (patients and alike) and medication advice providers (physicians and other relevant actors) together. By employing a network science perspective this research is aimed to understand an information network establishing connections among and between information seekers and providers. We found that such a connection network surfaces most of the essential characteristics of a typical complex ...

  • Dynamic network analysis of online interactive platform 

    Authors:Aydın, Mehmet Nafiz; Perdahci, N. Ziya
    Publisher and Date:(Springer, 2019)
    The widespread use of online interactive platforms including social networking applications community support applications draw the attention of academics and businesses. The basic trust of this research is that the very nature of these platforms can be best described as a network of entangled interactions. We agree with scholars that these platforms and features necessitate the call for theory of network as a novel approach to better understand their underpinnings. We examine one of the leading ...