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  • In the Father’s House: Language and Violence in the Work of Assia Djebar and Leïla Sebbar 

    Authors:Schneider, Annedith
    Publisher and Date:(2018)
    This essay examines autobiographical writing by two women who grew up in colonial Algeria; it considers how the relationship between fathers and daughters is marked by linguistic conflict. For each of these writers, language is not a simple tool, but instead a problematic inheritance that shapes her world and her relationship with her father. Assia Djebar and Leila Sebbar, who were children in colonial Algeria of the late 1940s and early 1950s, examine their relationships to Arabic and French in ...

  • Literature of Immigration as a Literature of Europe 

    Authors:Schneider, Annedith
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Ltd, 2016)
    Any understanding of European literature that does not include immigrant literature results in an incomplete vision of literature created in Europe. As immigrant writers have sought to find a place for themselves and their writing the labels attached to that writing have been crucial. While such debates certainly have to do with the writers themselves and how they seek to have their writing read they also reflect an anxiety in Europe about what counts as European literature and not incidentally ...

  • Turkish immigration, art and narratives of home in France 

    Authors:Schneider, Annedith
    Publisher and Date:(Manchester University Press, 2016)
    Turkish immigration, art and narratives of home in France argues for a cultural, rather than a sociological or economic, approach to understanding how immigrants become part of their new country. In contrast to the language of integration or assimilation which evaluates an immigrant's success in relation to a static endpoint (e.g. integrated or not), 'settling' is a more useful metaphor. Immigrants and their descendants are not definitively 'settled', but rather engage in an ongoing process of ...