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  • Detection of Multiple Primary Systems Using DAA UWB-IRs 

    Authors:Erküçük, Serhat; Lampe, Lutz; Schober, Robert
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2009)
    Underlay ultra wideband (UWB) systems have to be able to detect the presence of primary systems operating in the same band for detect-and-avoid (DAA) operation. In this paper the performances of joint and independent detection of multiple primary systems are investigated assuming that the primary systems are potentially dependent (e.g. frequency division duplex uplink-downlink communications). Joint detection is performed based on generating the maximum a posteriori (MAP) decision variables at the ...

  • Joint Detection of Primary Systems Using UWB Impulse Radios 

    Regulation in Europe and Japan requires the implementation of detect-and-avoid (DAA) techniques in some bands for the coexistence of licensed primary systems and secondary ultra wideband (UWB) systems. In a typical coexistence scenario a primary system may have potentially interdependent uplink-downlink communication channels (e. g. simultaneous uplink-downlink communications in a frequency division duplex system) overlapping with the frequency band of a UWB system. If such interdependencies of ...