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  • A new China: Media portrayal of Chinese mega-cities 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe; Bjorner, Emma
    Publisher and Date:(Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., 2015)
    During the last two decades China has started to leave its closed-door policies in the international arena behind and has shown signs of participating in the global economy. Politically and economically China has been developing further relations with the rest of the world. The country points to its mega-cities in its official 5-year plans to facilitate and execute the outreach attempts. In this article we analyze the media representations of two of these mega-cities - Beijing and Shenzhen - with ...

  • Branding cities in the age of social media: A comparative assessment of local government performance 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe
    Publisher and Date:(Springer International Publishing, 2015)
    This chapter is a comparative study of how three local governments- Cape Town (South Africa) Philadelphia (Pennsylvania USA) and Myrtle Beach (South Carolina USA)-use social media platforms in their city branding attempts. Theoretical arguments in the fi elds of corporate and city branding point out the potential of these new communication platforms to change how brand-related content is created and shared with target audiences. However the practice is understudied. The study fi rst explains the ...

  • Corporations as Diplomatic Actors: Conceptualizing International Communication Tools 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe; Karaca, Hazal Sena
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2016)
    This chapter presents a theoretical look on the available international communication tools that can be used by multinational corporations (MNCs) to engage in diplomatic relations. Specifically the chapter will provide details about three concepts: lobbying nation brands and commercial diplomacy. The research objective is to propose a conceptual framework that (i) explains when and how a specific tool should be used and (ii) demonstrates the inherent connection between the tools. The main assumption ...

  • Do Foreigners Count? Internationalization of Presidential Campaigns 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe; Uzunoğlu, Sarphan
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Inc, 2017)
    The U.S. presidential elections always attract the attention of foreign audienceswho despite not being able to vote choose to follow the campaigns closely. For a post that is colloquially dubbed as the Leader of the Free World it is not unexpected to see such an interest coming from nonvoters. Mimicking almost hosting a megaevent the elections increase the media coverage on the United States thus making the elections a platform to communicate with the rest of the world and to influence the reputation ...

  • Globetrotters And Brands: Cities In An Emerging Communicative Space 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe
    Publisher and Date:(Springer International Publishing, 2016)
    This chapter presents and discusses a new communicative space in which contemporary cities exists. The outset of such a space is the result of two interrelated developments. First international tourism has become a viable source of income for cities causing them to compete with each other for potential visitors. As a result cities have widely embraced the practice of city branding for promoting themselves as touristic destinations. Second the rise of social media use in such branding projects ...

  • Pathways of connection: An analytical approach to the impacts of public diplomacy 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science Inc, 2015)
    Public diplomacy albeit its functional similarities with public relations and other corporate communication tools is inherently a foreign policy tool used by practitioner states to advance their national interests and achieve their foreign policy goals. The purpose of this theoretical article is to provide a framework to analyze the impacts of public diplomacy projects by acknowledging both its communication aspect and political nature. The pathways of connection framework is built in two-steps. ...