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  • A Dynamic Game Theory Model For Tourism Supply Chains 

    Authors:Keskin, Kerim; Ucal, Meltem
    Publisher and Date:(SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC, 2020)
    This article contributes to the game-theoretic analysis of tourism supply chains. We start with a baseline model including three types of agents: (a) one theme park, (b) multiple accommodation providers, and (c) multiple tour operators. We investigate the strategic dynamics (i.e., collaboration and competition) embedded in a market with two different tourism supply chains, and then we extend our model to an infinite-horizon repeated game arguing that agents would face the same decision problem in ...

  • Female employment status: a survey analysis of selected member states of the Arab League 

    Authors:Ucal, Meltem; Gunay, Simge
    Publisher and Date:(Springer Heidelberg, 2019)
    Low female labor force participation is a conspicuous issue in the literature. Based on this information, women's perspectives of the determinants of female labor force participation in 13 member states of the Arab League in relation to the region's patriarchal culture and conservative social norms are discussed in this paper. Probit modelling is applied to the sixth wave of the World Values Survey data (2010-2014), in order to examine the relationship between female labor force participation and ...

  • Housing prices in a market under years of constant transformation: A county-based analysis of istanbul 

    Authors:Ucal, Meltem; Kaplan, Uğur
    Publisher and Date:(Cracow University of Economics, 2020)
    Objective: The objective of the article is to present a comprehensive approach to analysing Istanbul’s housing prices, using a hedonic price model with a large dataset and a single variable for locational attributes. Research Design & Methods: The analysis of consequent housing prices in İstanbul’s counties with hedonic price modelling and the extrapolation of results by comparing the prices to the human development level of counties. We use multiple regression and Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) ...


    İklim değişikliği günümüzde tüm dünya üzerinde etkili olmakla birlikte özellikle gelişmekte olan ülkelerde bölgesel bazda daha önemli etkilere sahip, gelecekte de ekosistem hizmetleri aracılığıyla insanlığı ciddi şekilde tehdit etme potansiyeli bulunan küresel bir sorundur. İklim değişikliğine büyük ölçüde insan aktivitelerinin yol açtığı düşünüldüğünde, iklim değişikliğinde ekonomik aktivitelerin rolünün tartışılmaz olduğu açıktır. Küresel nüfus artışına bağlı olarak ekonomik aktivitelerde ...

  • The network economics: case studies 

    Authors:Demiroluk, Nazlı Tuğçe
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    This thesis basically explores the definition of networks different types of networks such as social economic information technological and the positive and negative externalities which occur as the result of the interaction of the networks with the environment. By emphasizing the positive relationship of technology social networks and network economics this paper gives current example from ecommerce sector in the world and tries to be critical to the network economics which may lead to interests ...

  • Perceived Happiness, Perceived Trust and Perceived Income Levels: The Case of the Reunified Germany 

    Authors:Ucal, Meltem; Günay, Simge
    Publisher and Date:(Savez Ekonomista Vojvodine, 2019)
    This study explored the possible impact of perceived income on individual (perceived) happiness in Eastern and Western Germany in relation to perceived trust and four socio-economic variables, namely gender, age, marital status and employment status. To examine the relationship between these variables, a generalized ordered logit model was applied using the World Values Survey data. Bootstrapping and marginal effects were used to obtain a more robust model. The findings provided insights regarding ...

  • The relationship between happiness and perceived income inequality as well as some social indicators: a comparative analysis on Turkey and selected european countries 

    Authors:Günay, Simge
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    in recent years the relationship between happiness and income distribution has become an important issue in the economics literature. Underlying reason of this situation is the widening income gap between the rich and the poor since 1980s. Several studies have traced the link between happiness and income inequality especially since the last two decades. it is also very important to study “perceived” income distribution and inequality because they may show different approaches to income distribution ...

  • The role of trade and FDI for CO2 emissions in Turkey: Nonlinear relationships 

    Authors:Haug, Alfred Albert; Ucal, Meltem
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier, 2019)
    This paper examines the effects of foreign trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) on CO2 emissions in Turkey. We consider linear and nonlinear ARDL models and find significant asymmetric effects of exports, imports and FDI on CO2 emissions per capita. However, FD1 has no statistically significant long-run effects. In the long run, decreases in exports reduce CO2 emissions per capita but increases in exports have no statistically significant effects. Increases in imports push up CO2 emissions ...