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  • Agent-based Optimization to Estimate Nash Equilibrium in Power Markets 

    Authors:Yücekaya, Ahmet; Valenzuela, Jorge
    Publisher and Date:(Taylor & Francis Inc, 2013)
    In most deregulated power markets firms bid daily into a day-ahead power market. The auction mechanism supply and demand determine the equilibrium at each hour. In this environment firms aim to maximize their revenues by carefully determining their bids. This requires the development of effective computational methods that help them estimate their competitors' behaviors under incomplete information. In this article an agent-based method that uses particle swarm optimization is described to simulate ...

  • Scheduling a log transport system using simulated annealing 

    The log truck scheduling problem under capacity constraints and time window constraints is an NP-hard problem that involves the design of best possible routes for a set of trucks serving multiple loggers and mills. The objective is to minimize the total unloaded miles traveled by the trucks. In this paper a simulated annealing - a meta-heuristic optimization method - that interacts with a deterministic simulation model of the log transport system in which the precedence and temporal relations among ...