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  • An analysis of price spikes and deviations in the deregulated Turkish power market 

    Authors:Gayretli, Gizem; Yücekaya, Ahmet; Bilge, Ayşe Hümeyra
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier, 2019)
    The successful operation of a real time market is related to the planning in the day ahead market. We analyze the day ahead and real time market data for the Turkish power market for the period 2012-2015 to classify price spikes and their causes. We also focus on the levels of deviation between the day ahead market values and the real time market values. We define price deviation and load deviation ratios to measure the level of deviation both in price and demand. The analysis for the load is based ...

  • Energy Storage with Pumped Hydrostorage Systems Under Uncertainty 

    Authors:Yücekaya, Ahmet
    Publisher and Date:(Springer International Publishing Ag, 2015)
    Energy storage is becoming an important problem as the difference between supply and demand becomes sharper and the availability of energy resources is not possible all the time. A pumped hydrostorage system (PHSS) which is a special type of hydroelectric power plant can be used to store energy and to use the water more efficiently. When the energy demand and the energy price are high (peak hours) the water at upper reservoir is used to generate electricity and the water is stored in the lower ...

  • A Fuzzy ANP-Based GRA Approach to Evaluate ERP Packages 

    Authors:Ayağ, Zeki; Yücekaya, Ahmet
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2019)
    One of the major problems that most companies face with during the implementation of an ERP system is to determine the best satisfying ERP software based on their needs and expectations. Because an improperly selected ERP software might lead to time loss and increased costs, and in the long run, a loss of market share. Therefore, the ERP evaluation process for companies becomes to a vital point. On the other hand, evaluating ERP software alternatives under a set of criteria leads us to a ...

  • Hourly electricity demand forecasting using Fourier analysis with feedback 

    Whether it be long-term, like year-ahead, or short-term, such as hour-ahead or day-ahead, forecasting of electricity demand is crucial for the success of deregulated electricity markets. The stochastic nature of the demand for electricity, along with parameters such as temperature, humidity, and work habits, eventually causes deviations from expected demand. In this paper, we propose a feedback-based forecasting methodology in which the hourly prediction by a Fourier series expansion is updated ...

  • Managing natural gas demand for free consumers under uncertainty and limited storage capacity 

    Demand for energy sources depends on several factors such as population growth, urbanization, industrialization, and climate. Among fundamental energy sources, natural gas is characterized by storage limitations and take-or-pay contracts, which makes it especially critical to forecast the demand accurately for cost management policies. Suppliers of natural gas require take-or-pay contracts to ensure that consumers pay for any unused amount up front; and if the demand exceeds the agreed amount, ...