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  • A fuzzy ANP-based GRA approach to evaluate ERP packages 

    Authors:Ayaǧ, Zeki; Yücekaya, Ahmet Deniz
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2019)
    One of the major problems that most companies face with during the implementation of an ERP system is to determine the best satisfying ERP software based on their needs and expectations. Because an improperly selected ERP software might lead to time loss and increased costs and in the long run a loss of market share. Therefore the ERP evaluation process for companies becomes to a vital point. On the other hand evaluating ERP software alternatives under a set of criteria leads us to a multiple-criteria ...

  • An analysis of development indicators for turkey based on the historical development of 500 largest industrial organizations 

    Authors:Otnar, Ferhan
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2015)
    Economies live rapid changes in terms of size direction and intention due to globalization population increase of countries and technological developments. These changes seemed clearer in developing countries because of fast progress and demand increases. Especially in last 10 year period Turkey gained economical acceleration along with growth and development. Parallel to these developments diversification in industrial areas and evolvement in remained areas used as an answer. in this aspect ...

  • A decision support system for assembly line balancing problem 

    Authors:Ringim, İbrahim Uba
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2015)
    Assembly line balancing problems are generally considered to be complicated in real life. Like most complicated real life assembly line balancing problems obtaining a good solution is much easier than finding an optimal solution especially with big size problems. As a result, many heuristic approaches have been developed to find good optimal solutions to those problems. In this study, we develop a decision support system that solves a deterministic assembly line balancing problem using three ...

  • Economic and operational analysis of compressed air energy storage systems 

    Authors:Kara, Esma Sedef
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2011)
    A Compressed Air Energy Storage System (CAES) is a way to store energy to be used when the demand for energy is high. in this system the air is pumped into a cavern when the power price is low and the air is used in a natural gas fired turbine to generate power when the price is high aiming to make profit from this price difference. The system can pump or generate or do both. Typically the power price is low at nights and high during the daytime. However the power and natural gas price along with ...

  • An evaluation of energy and electricity in Pakistan 

    Authors:Humaiyun, Muhammad Jasim
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    Pakistan is a developing country and it can only move forward once the energy sector is secure and self sufficient. Right from the beginning the country has constantly faced energy shortages in all sectors due to incompetent policies and governence. This study frames the analysis of the current energy situation with main focus on electricity. All the factors which are hampering the growth of the energy sector are identified and potential solutions are discussed. Matching the electricity supply and ...

  • Forecasting Models For Daily Natural Gas Consumption Considering Periodic Variations And Demand Segregation 

    Due to expensive infrastructure and the difficulties in storage, supply conditions of natural gas are different from those of other traditional energy sources like petroleum or coal. To overcome these challenges, supplier countries require take-or-pay agreements for requested natural gas quantities. These contracts have many pre-clauses; even if they are not met due to low/high consumption or other external factors, buyers must completely fulfill them. A similar contract is then imposed on ...

  • Hourly electricity demand forecasting using Fourier analysis with feedback 

    Whether it be long-term, like year-ahead, or short-term, such as hour-ahead or day-ahead, forecasting of electricity demand is crucial for the success of deregulated electricity markets. The stochastic nature of the demand for electricity, along with parameters such as temperature, humidity, and work habits, eventually causes deviations from expected demand. In this paper, we propose a feedback-based forecasting methodology in which the hourly prediction by a Fourier series expansion is updated ...

  • Sceheduling Pumped Hydro- Power Resources Under Price and Flow Uncertainty 

    Authors:Metin, Seda Sibel
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2012)
    Hydroelectric power plants should be preferred since they are environmentally friendly and they have low level of potential risks. Hydroelectric power plants are local resources that are environmentally compatible unpolluted capable of dealing with peak hour requirements highly efficient cost-free of fuel and playing a role as the insurance of energy prices. -- Abstract'dan.

  • Scheduling a log transport system using simulated annealing 

    The log truck scheduling problem under capacity constraints and time window constraints is an NP-hard problem that involves the design of best possible routes for a set of trucks serving multiple loggers and mills. The objective is to minimize the total unloaded miles traveled by the trucks. In this paper a simulated annealing - a meta-heuristic optimization method - that interacts with a deterministic simulation model of the log transport system in which the precedence and temporal relations among ...

  • Türkiye elektrik piyasası için arz ve talep değerlendirmesi ve projeksiyonları: 2010 – 2016 dönemi 

    Authors:Önay, Selim
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2017)
    Bu çalışmanın amacı Türkiye'nin elektrik arzı ve talebini incelemek ve ilerleyen yıllarda bu dengenin nasıl değişebileceğine dair değerlendirmelerde bulunmaktır. Elektrik üretimi ve tüketimine ait veriler Enerji Piyasaları İşletme Anonim Şirketi tarafından kullanıma sunulan şeffaflık platformu üzerinden elde edilmiştir. İlk aşamada Türkiye'nin kurulu gücü, kişi başına düşen elektrik kullanımı ve elektrik tüketimi verileri incelenip değerlendirmelerde bulunulmuştur. İkinci aşamada Türkiye'nin ...