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  • Assessing quality in higher education: New criteria for evaluating students' satisfaction 

    The aim of this research is to present a new quality assurance model (5Qs) and to examine the major factors affecting students' perception of cumulative satisfaction. The model includes behavioural dimensions of student satisfaction. The factors included in this cumulative summation are technical functional infrastructure interaction and atmosphere of higher education institutions. This study concerns students in higher education institutions in Istanbul Turkey. The questionnaire contains a total ...

  • Quality of health care and patient satisfaction: An exploratory investigation of the 5Qs model at Turkey 

    Authors:Camgöz-Akdaǧ, Hatice; Zineldin, Mosad
    Publisher and Date:(2010)
    Purpose - The aim of this research is to examine the major factors affecting patients' perception of cumulative satisfaction and to address the question whether patients in Istanbul evaluate quality of health care to be similar or different to that of the Kazakhstani Egyptian and Jordanian patients. Design/methodology/approach - A conceptual model including behavioural dimensions of patient-physician relationships and patient satisfaction has been used for approach. As the empirical research setting ...

  • Strategic positioning and quality determinants in banking service 

    Authors:Akdag, Hatice Camgöz; Zineldin, Mosad
    Publisher and Date:(2011)
    Purpose - The aim of this paper is to investigate and define the competitive positioning of banks including state-owned domestic and foreign banks operating in Istanbul Turkey. The aim is to check the competitive marketplace and to identify the major quality attributes which bankers themselves and their customers used in determining the overall perception of a given bank and services offered. Design/methodology/approach - The investigation was held in Istanbul Turkey. In total 30 banks were included ...