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  • Balancing the here and there: Transnational mobilities of moroccan middle-class professionals in Istanbul 

    Authors:Ritter, Christian
    Publisher and Date:(Berghahn Journals, 2015)
    This article explores the ways Moroccan middle-class professionals residing in Istanbul have forged transnational connections since the 2006 free trade agreement between Turkey and Morocco. Based on ethnographic fieldwork the article finds that research participants embrace three interdependent mobilities - imaginative corporeal and virtual. First Moroccan television viewers imaginatively internalise images of Turkish society through Turkish programmes broadcast in Morocco. Then Moroccan nationals ...

  • Money Religion and Symbolic Exchange in Winter Sleep 

    Authors:Diken, Bülent
    Publisher and Date:(Berghahn Journals, 2017)
    Winter Sleep is the latest film from Nuri Bilge Ceylan a Turkish director and screenwriter who has received international acclaim. For the purpose of social and cultural analysis this article critically focuses on the film's key themes and maneuvers that have diagnostic value from a social theoretical viewpoint. These themes are religion the relationship between religion and capitalism and symbolic exchange. Organized around these topics the article examines the religion-capitalism-symbolic exchange ...