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  • Ethnicity and Migration in Europe 

    Authors:Phalet, Karen; Baysu, Gülseli; Van Acker, Kaat
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Inc., 2015)
    This article approaches migration and ethnic diversity issues from the social psychology of intergroup relations. From an intergroup-relations perspective, minority and majority experiences of ethnic diversity are interdependent; and they are jointly shaped by the prevailing diversity climate in a particular society. Accordingly, the article consists of three main sections. The first section sketches different patterns and policies of migration and ethnic diversity at the societal level. The second ...

  • Forecasting time-varying arrivals: Impact of direct response advertising on call center performance 

    This study investigates manpower planning and the performance of a national call center for scheduling car repairs and responding to road interventions. We model the impact of advertising on the required capacity and develop a forecasting model for incoming calls, where the impact of direct-response advertising is considered. With the estimation results, we forecast the number of incoming calls to the call center. Next, the forecasts are input into the capacity planning simulation module to directly ...

  • The impact of economic uncertainty and geopolitical risks on bank credit 

    Authors:Demir, Ender; Danışman, Gamze Öztürk
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Inc., 2021)
    This paper compares the effects of economic uncertainty and geopolitical risks on bank credit growth. Using a sample of 2439 banks from 19 countries for the period of 2010–2019, our findings indicate that economic uncertainty causes a significant decrease in overall bank credit growth while no such significant overall effect of geopolitical risks is documented. Further analysis on loan types shows that the highest negative impact of economic uncertainty is observed on corporate loans. Geopolitical ...