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  • Explicit synthesis formulae for cascaded lossless commensurate lines 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.
    Publisher and Date:(Fachverlag Schiele Schon, 2008)
    In literature synthesis of cascaded lossless commensurate lines have been realized via some iterative methods. So to be able to obtain the value of an element which is not the first one the designer has to obtain all the values of the elements connected before the desired one. But in this paper explicit synthesis formulae of the networks containing cascaded lossless commensurate lines up to three have been derived analytically and all the element values can be calculated independently.

  • Reflectance-based Foster impedance data modeling 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.
    Publisher and Date:(Fachverlag Schiele Schon, 2007)
    A reflectance-based method is presented to model a set of given Foster impedance data as a lossless singly terminated two-port consisting of lumped-elements in short or open termination. The basis of the new method rests on the interpolation of the given data as a realizable bounded-real (BR) reflection function. The desired circuit model is obtained by synthesizing this function. An algorithm to generate the circuit model is presented and an example is included which illustrates the utilization ...