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  • A fuzzy ANP-based GRA approach to evaluate ERP packages 

    Authors:Ayaǧ, Zeki; Yücekaya, Ahmet Deniz
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2019)
    One of the major problems that most companies face with during the implementation of an ERP system is to determine the best satisfying ERP software based on their needs and expectations. Because an improperly selected ERP software might lead to time loss and increased costs and in the long run a loss of market share. Therefore the ERP evaluation process for companies becomes to a vital point. On the other hand evaluating ERP software alternatives under a set of criteria leads us to a multiple-criteria ...

  • Are web designers resisting the inclusion of social cues when creating website's user interface? 

    Using the resistance literature as an underpinning theoretical framework this chapter analyzes how Web designers through their daily practices (i) adopt recursive adaptive and resisting behavior regarding the inclusion of social cues online and (ii) shape the socio-technical power relationship between designers and other stakeholders. Five vignettes in the form of case studies with expert individual Web designers are used. Findings point out at three types of emerging resistance namely: market ...

  • Corporations as Diplomatic Actors: Conceptualizing International Communication Tools 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe; Karaca, Hazal Sena
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2016)
    This chapter presents a theoretical look on the available international communication tools that can be used by multinational corporations (MNCs) to engage in diplomatic relations. Specifically the chapter will provide details about three concepts: lobbying nation brands and commercial diplomacy. The research objective is to propose a conceptual framework that (i) explains when and how a specific tool should be used and (ii) demonstrates the inherent connection between the tools. The main assumption ...

  • Financial marriage of convenience between China and the US: Sustainability of dollar - wall street regime in the post-2008 crisis 

    Authors:Dilek, Oğuz; Iseri, Emre
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2013)
    Despite growing global concerns regarding the reliability of the American economy in general and the Dollar as a Negotiated Currency in particular US-shaped regime of international finance will survive the present difficulties. This is mainly due to the fact that China would be predisposed to maintain its backing of the US Dollar not to harm it because it staked a massive economic and political capital in that. Beijing has so far persisted in assisting the global value of the US Dollar (sacrificing ...

  • Project Management Method Adoption: A Service Industry Case Study 

    Authors:Aydın, Mehmet Nafiz; Dilan, Ebru
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2017)
    The purpose of this research is to understand what aspects of brand-named project management method (Project Management Institute - PMI) have been adopted in a service organization and how. The case context examined demonstrates how a weak-matrix organizational structure and agency interpretation along with project management maturity for IT outsourcing projects can affect adoption of a project management method. An interpretative case study is employed for examining the interplays among key notions ...