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  • A Moebial Ride through Polanski's Repulsion 

    Authors:Tüzün, Defne
    Publisher and Date:(Univ Pittsburgh, 2020)
    This article examines Roman Polonski's film Repulsion from a psychoanalytic perspective by attending Julia Kristeva's notion of abjection. This paper deals primarily with two main focal points. First, it focuses on the film's portrayal of the protagonist, Carole's abjection, her problem of non-differentiation, as evidenced by her relation to the maternal body and to corporeality. Secondly, the article investigates how the film positions its viewers with regard to Carole. It questions how Repulsion ...

  • Scapegoats: the femme fatales of world war ii 

    Authors:Bozcu, Merve
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2014)
    The hard-boiled femme fatales of film noir are usually represented as evil females and as a result they are often seen as a danger to society. However this notoriety usually results in their deaths and/or murders. in the end they are transformed into victims. This thesis focuses on this contradiction in two regards: What are the main reasons that they become victims as femme fatales and what is the meaning of this dilemma? This research answers such questions by exploring and utilizing René Girard’s ...