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  • Levantine Challenges on Turkish Foreign Policy 

    Turkey's perception of the Levant has been hazy in modern times and the country has not constructed a holistic approach towards the region until recently despite the fact that Turkey has sought closer cooperation with the Levantine countries since the late 1990s. In addition to Turkey's willingness to open up to the region recent international developments such as the discovery of hydrocarbons off the coast of Israel Egypt and Cyprus the outbreak of the Arab Spring and changes in the regional ...

  • Obama and the Middle East, round two 

    Authors:Tschirgi, Dan
    Publisher and Date:(2013)
    After years of diplomatic inertia, the seemingly endless Palestinian-Israeli "peace process" was given a new lease on life by the Obama Administration in the summer of 2013. Despite Washington's expressed desire during Obama's first term to "pivot" U.S. foreign policy toward Asia, the revived peace process, along with the Syrian crisis, Iran, and the "Arab Spring" combined to keep Washington focused on its longstanding traditional concerns in the Middle East. Unlike earlier periods, however, ...

  • Representational revolution or contentious capitulation? Discourse analysis of Al Jazeera English's 

    Authors:Cihan Çelik, Semiha
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    This study analyses the overall news discourse of Al Jazeera English a relatively new English-language sibling of the controversial Al Jazeera Arabic and in particular its coverage of the popular uprisings – dubbed the “Arab Spring” – against the long-time rulers in regions commonly known as the Middle East and North Africa. While acknowledging the initial success of Al Jazeera English in constructing a new news discourse based on its “localness” against its Western-based rivals’ “otherizing” ...

  • Social media impact on television in yemen: the case of belqees tv 

    Authors:Al-Ragawi, Mohammed Hamood Ali
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2018)
    Television industry experienced many changes in the digital era and social media is considered as the latest contributor to those changes as it becomes an important part of any TV station. This research is studying the impact of social media on television in Yemen with further focus on Belqees TV. The research includes reflections on the media convergence and its types of technological, structural, economic convergence and convergent audience. The study is using a mixed research method of quantitative ...