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  • The Balat life is really unique - narratives of place and belonging in the historical Fener-Balat district of istanbul 

    Authors:Olt, Marina
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    Fener-Balat is one of the oldest districts of istanbul and was home to Greek-Orthodox Christians and Jews for centuries. However in the last century the demographic composition changed fundamentally. After long having been neglected recently the district has received increasing attention especially due to historical housing there. This goes along with a wider interest in istan-bul's past and former minority quarters that emerged within the last decades. Most academic literature about the Fener-Balat ...


    In what ways does documentary camera with its unique capacity to disentangle reality penetrate and reconstruct history? At the intersections of history and memory and of family and self, how do documentary narratives crafted through the pursuit of personal life stories, longed family members, and childhood recollections contest hegemonic ideologies about identity? This article focuses on I Flew You Stayed (2012) by Mizgin Müjde Arslan as a reflexive narrative of tracing longed family members ...

  • Sağlıklı gönüllülerde geri dönüşlü MAO inhibitörü moklobemidin dikkat öncesi süreçler ve işitsel duysal belleğe etkileri 

    Authors:Ermutlu, Numan; Demiralp, Tamer; Üresin, Yağız
    Publisher and Date:(1999)
    Sekiz sağlıklı gönüllü üzerinde geri dönüşlü monoamin oksidaz inhibitörü moklobemidin, dikkat öncesi beyin süreçleri ve işitsel belleği yansıtan olaya ilişkin potansiyel bileşeni olan mismatch negatifliği (mismatch negativity, MMN) üzerine akut etkileri araştırıldı. Yöntem: İki ayrı edilgen oddbal düzeneğinde, bir saniye uyaranlar arası sürelerde (UAS), kısa (50 ms) ve uzun (500 ms) süreli işitsel uyaranlara karşı olaya ilişkin potansiyeller kaydedildi. Deneklerden kendi seçtikleri bir kitabı ...

  • Visualizing the past in three documentary films 

    Authors:Ozten, Nilgun
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    The growing presence of subjects narrating their lived experiences in documentaries implies their involvement in the making of their own histories. This thesis explores this subjective dimension by examining the formal methods employed by filmmakers in documentaries in which personal stories are performed and/or narrated by subjects. -- Abstract'tan.

  • When Memory takes the stage: the forms of unrepresentability in sarkis 

    Authors:Canbulat, Guler
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2012)
    While reaching the end of 20th century contemporary understanding of spaceand time began to threaten history.s centralist linear and causal structure. in theappearingly accelerating and tightening world the individual feels the need fordeceleration and adherence. The perspective offered by history and grand narrativescan no longer be adequate for the individuum seeking a sense of identity andbelonging. Therefore the individual clings to his/her verity and thereby his/hermemory.