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  • The Balat life is really unique - narratives of place and belonging in the historical Fener-Balat district of istanbul 

    Authors:Olt, Marina
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    Fener-Balat is one of the oldest districts of istanbul and was home to Greek-Orthodox Christians and Jews for centuries. However in the last century the demographic composition changed fundamentally. After long having been neglected recently the district has received increasing attention especially due to historical housing there. This goes along with a wider interest in istan-bul's past and former minority quarters that emerged within the last decades. Most academic literature about the Fener-Balat ...

  • Literature of Immigration as a Literature of Europe 

    Authors:Schneider, Annedith
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Ltd, 2016)
    Any understanding of European literature that does not include immigrant literature results in an incomplete vision of literature created in Europe. As immigrant writers have sought to find a place for themselves and their writing the labels attached to that writing have been crucial. While such debates certainly have to do with the writers themselves and how they seek to have their writing read they also reflect an anxiety in Europe about what counts as European literature and not incidentally ...