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  • Border as "Zone of Indistinction": The State of Exception and the Spectacle of Terror Along Turkey's Border With Syria 

    Authors:Tuncer-Gürkaş, Ezgi
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Inc, 2018)
    Turkey's border with Syria today is a laboratory in which biopolitics and the spectacle coincide in new ways. As a consequence of the ongoing war between the state and Kurdish insurgents, and the state of emergency accompanying it, this border region has incrementally transformed into a zone of indistinction in which the spatial concepts of inside and outside interpenetrate. As exception is normalized, the logic of the camp (in Agamben's sense) tends to become a dispositif. Exceptional routines ...

  • Crossing border spaces: Spatiality with socially engaged art 

    Authors:Sarıçayır, Ecem
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2017)
    This research aims to read border space with socially engaged artistic practices and spatial theories. It aims to challenge the normative notions of the geopolitical border space while discussing ways to illuminate the key issues of critical spatial theories concerning the relationship between geography, space, and power. My research questions enable the investigation of three key themes: the geopolitical border, space making and altering processes, and possibility of the artistic as an extending ...