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  • Broadband Microwave Amplifier Design with Lumped Elements 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.
    Publisher and Date:(Walter De Gruyter Gmbh, 2016)
    This study introduces a broadband microwave amplifier design that utilizes the measured scattering parameters of active devices without assuming an initial topology for the matching networks or an analytic form of the system transfer function. The algorithm can be extended to design multistage broadband microwave amplifiers. An example is given to illustrate the application of the proposed method. It was found that the proposed method provides very good initials for CAD tools to further improve ...

  • Design of broadband microwave amplifiers with mixed-elements via reflectance data modeling 

    A practical method is introduced to design single-stage broadband microwave amplifiers with mixed lumped and distributed elements via modeling the reflectance data obtained from lumped-element input and output matching network prototypes. The same transducer power gain level is obtained by using less number of lumped-elements in the mixed-element amplifier than that of the lumped-element amplifier prototype. A mixed-element amplifier design is presented to exhibit the utilization of the method. ...

  • Genetic algorithm based broadband equalizer design with ripple level control 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.; Özmen, Atilla
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2012)
    In this paper broadband equalizer design with ripple control via genetic algorithm has been studied. The equalizer is defined as a lossless two-port terminated by load impedance and the coefficients of its describing scattering polynomials have been optimized via genetic algorithm. During the optimization process ripple level of the transducer power gain has been controlled. An example has been given to illustrate the utilization of the proposed approach. © 2012 IEEE.

  • Toward a wider market definition in broadband: The case of Turkey 

    Authors:Oğuz, Fuat; Akkemik, K. Ali; Göksal, Koray
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science, 2015)
    As broadband Internet transforms the way people connect with others the boundaries between different modes of communications become vague. In recent years the scope of voice and broadband markets has become a matter of concern for both policymakers and researchers. Until recently it was thought that DSL and mobile broadband markets were separate markets and therefore they were separately regulated. However recent empirical evidence in some countries shows that fixed and mobile broadband services ...