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  • Creating multi identities and gender in virtual world :A study of second life 

    Authors:Ünal, Pinar
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2015)
    This study aims to investigate the possibility of creating a virtual world. in this respect this thesis seeks answers to following questions: How is virtual reality different and similar to real life or does virtual reality has peculiar features of it? How do the users create identities through avatars in virtual world and then how and why to create multiple identities? is it possible to talk about a peculiar identity for a person in virtual reality? Why do users need to create multi identities ...

  • Son dönem dünya sinemasında "anne-oğul" ve "anne-kız" ilişkilerine psikanalitik yaklaşım 

    Authors:Pakalın, Fatma Dilek
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    Anne Tutulması adını verdiğim Son Dönem Dünya Sinemasında Anne- Oğul ve Anne- Kız İlişkilerine Psikanalitik Yaklaşım alt baĢlıklı tez çalışmamda çağdaş Dünya sineması ve Türk sinemasında „anne- çocuk‟ ilişkileri üzerine kurulu filmlerden gerekli bulduğum örnekleri Sigmund Freud‟un Oedipus Kompleksi, Jacquez Lacan‟ın Ayna Evresi ile ilişkilendirip, Carl Gustav Jung ve Gilles Deleuze‟ün bu bağlamdaki görüşlerine de değinerek inceleyeceğim. Dramatik yapılı bu filmlerin psikanalizle örtüşme ve ...

  • Unsetting the standards of female beauty: an examination of contemporary images of women in advertisement 

    Authors:Zmiric, irma
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2014)
    This study examines the representations of female beauty as a myth in print advertisements in contemporary popular culture. Within many different types of physical beauty that are made popular by mainstream advertisings this thesis explores the types of beauty myths as well as the models embodied by each. Through in depth analyses of select mass media advertisements the thesis intends to explain the myth of beauty. The thesis argues that the idea of beauty as a myth should be explored in a ...

  • A womanist approach to Spielberg’s the color purple 

    Authors:Franko, Cansu
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    The present study focuses on the adapted 1985 film The Color Purple by Steven Spielberg The Color Purple. Set in the early 20th century United States the story is about the life and quest of a black woman Celie transforming herself from object to subject. it is a women’s story in which the experience is not limited to the main character but also includes the women around her. Silenced oppressed and insulted Celie is going through her journey of life struggling to find her voice. Once believing ...