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  • A Dynamic Game Theory Model For Tourism Supply Chains 

    Authors:Keskin, Kerim; Ucal, Meltem Şengün
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications, 2021)
    This article contributes to the game-theoretic analysis of tourism supply chains. We start with a baseline model including three types of agents: (a) one theme park, (b) multiple accommodation providers, and (c) multiple tour operators. We investigate the strategic dynamics (i.e., collaboration and competition) embedded in a market with two different tourism supply chains, and then we extend our model to an infinite-horizon repeated game arguing that agents would face the same decision problem in ...

  • How to Transform Language Education for Next Generation Learners: A Path to Follow in Higher Education in the 21st Century 

    Authors:Munzur, Zeynep
    Publisher and Date:(Nesibe Aydin Education Inst, 2015)
    With the changing face of education technology is a powerful asset for the 21st century teachers and students if pedagogy is considered as the major concern rather than technology itself. Technology seems very attractive to teachers and students but it is good to keep in mind that it is not just games and applications. We must see not only it as fun but also its functional power on learning teaching and assessing. As teachers change the way they teach due to new technologies the traditional pedagogy ...