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  • Ethnic fractionalization conflict and educational development in Turkey 

    Authors:Oyvat, Cem; Tekgüç, Hasan
    Publisher and Date:(Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 2019)
    We examine the impact of ethnic fractionalization and conflict on limiting the educational development in Southeastern Turkey. Our estimates show that although the armed conflict in the region did not directly hinder education investments it reduced school enrolment rates at middle and high school levels while increasing enrolment at the primary school level. Moreover we show that provinces with higher percentages of Kurdish population received less education investment. These results suggest that ...

  • Turkey's rapprochements with Greece and Armenia: Understanding path breaking steps 

    Authors:Öztürk-Tuncel, Duygu; Çelikpala, Mitat
    Publisher and Date:(Routledge Journals, 2019)
    This comparative analysis considers the Turkish-Greek rapprochement and the Turkish-Armenian rapprochement processes with a three-dimensional approach. Although the deep-rooted conflicts between neither Greece and Turkey nor Armenia and Turkey were resolved via these processes, the bilateral relationships between the countries have significantly differed. This paper argues that two key main reasons lie behind this difference: the nature of the initiatives taken during the two processes and the ...