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  • Accented Essays: Documentary as Artistic Practice in Contemporary Audiovisual Works from Turkey 

    This article looks at the use of documentary filmmaking in contemporary artistic practices in Turkey, specifically focusing on three works that adopt a first-person, subjective viewpoint: Didem Pekun's Of Dice and Men (2016), Sener ozmen's How to Tell of Peace to a Living Dove? (2015), and Aykan Safoglu's Off-White Tulips (2013). Made by artists in transition, these films tackle themes of belonging and identity through stylistic choices proper to essayistic filmmaking, which allow these works to ...

  • Çağdaş Sanat Eserlerinde Toplumsal Cinsiyet Sorgulamaları 

    Authors:Dede, Ebru
    Publisher and Date:(Anadolu Univ, 2015)
    Bu çalışmada toplumsal cinsiyet sorgulamaları için elverişli bir ortam sağlayan çağdaş sanatın interdisipliner olanaklarıyla üretilen eserler ve performanslar Freud, Lacan, Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze ve Butler gibi kuramcıların metinleriyle bağlantı kurularak yorumlanmıştır. Cinsel Kimliğin Süreç İçinde Dönüşümü bölümünde, Teiji Furuhashi ile Ahmet Elhan’ın bedenin kendi içindeki ve bedenler arasındaki ilişki sürecini anlatan eserleri yorumlanmıştır. Cinsel Kimlik ...

  • Displaying heritage in contemporary Turkey 

    Authors:Şimşek, Cansu Nur
    Publisher and Date:(2019)
    This study is an analysis of the reconceptualization of cultural heritage via its display by contemporary art practices. Through the proposed title the understanding of heritage is reframed as an experience which is intertemporal, inter-generational, and ephemeral, that creates in-between spaces. In the first chapter heritage, today is assessed with a conclusion as to let heritage to define itself can be possible by the artistic ways of looking, displaying and also preserving the idea of ...

  • Exploring the City: Perceiving Istanbul through its Cultural Productions 

    Authors:Şenova, Başak
    Publisher and Date:(Wiley-Blackwell, 2011)
    This essay explores the role of Istanbul's 'cultural productions' as components of the city's structure and texture. Istanbul is a city of tensions generated by its countless conflicting and divergent flows which are constantly influenced by socio-economic political and cultural fusions and confusions. It is constantly expanding both horizontally and vertically as evidenced by its central and peripheral settlements illegal dwellings and squatted lands. With each and every new inhabitant further ...