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  • Convergence of cultural consumption practices : the case of two gated housing residences in İstanbul 

    Authors:Aygun, Merve
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    People and cities have been confronted by an unprecedented scale of global changes over the past couple of decades. in accordance with the new mechanisms of rising worldwide trends which are grounded on the commercial economy of consumption istanbul has also undergone an urban transformation concurrently with its counterparts. in a sense world culture industry has transformed the city into a consumption catalogue that relies on a taken-for-granted context for everyday life deriving from institutionalized ...

  • Is the press really free?: The recent conflict between the government and media in Turkey 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu
    Publisher and Date:(2011)
    The history of the relationship between the press and the government dates back to the period of Ottoman Empire but became significantly strained after the foundation of the Turkish Republic. A historical and political economic analysis shows that successive governments in Turkey have found new methods to censor the media as the country's democracy moves towards consolidation. Since 2000 a familiar pressure has been brought to bear on the Turkish media from the conservative majority AKP government ...