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  • International migration and Turkey-Germany relations: The diplomacy of the refugee deal 

    Authors:Öcal, Ayşe Gül
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    This study will address the EU-Turkey negotiations with the help of two level game by focusing particularly on domestic factors and their possible influences on governments in both Germany and Turkey. These domestic factors can be seen as a open-door policy of Merkel and the hung parliament in Turkey. From this perspective, the refugee deal and negotiations involves one of the fundamental foreign policy instruments: diplomacy. In order to clarify the deal in detail, bilateral talks and negotiations ...

  • Of Celebrities and Landmarks: Space, State and the Making of "Cosmopolitan" Turkey 

    This paper analyses the (re)production of Turkey's liminal-hybrid representations through a combination of sports and music celebrity interventions on a specific landmark. It shows that a country's representations can be reinforced and reaffirmed with the help of celebrities performing their talent on landmarks such as the Bosphorus Bridge and (in some cases) placing another landmark - Ortakoy Mosque - in the backdrop. Combined with the role of celebrities, these two landmarks that have come to ...