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  • A survey analysis on the investment attitudes of individual investors 

    Authors:Öztürkkal, Belma
    Publisher and Date:(Bilgesel Yayincilik San & Tic Ltd, 2013)
    This study aims to analyze determinants of trading behavior of individual investors where a survey of 55 questions on 85 people is used. The survey is composed of four parts: demographic properties perceived emotions investment preferences portfolio diversification. The findings show that investors are subject to home bias and the surveyed investors prefer to invest in local equity market. The findings show that older investors have less investment confidence and more diversification where number ...

  • Art investment: hedging or safe haven through financial crises 

    Authors:Öztürkkal, Belma; Toğan-Eğrican, Aslı
    Publisher and Date:(Springer, 2020)
    We analyze long-term art auction sales data focusing on and around financial crisis periods with other investment returns to understand whether art can be considered a safe haven during volatile times or a hedging option in general by analyzing art auction data in a volatile emerging market. Our findings suggest Turkish art returns are either negatively correlated or at low correlation with other investments, including the equity market. We have the view that art can be considered a hedging mechanism ...

  • Does governance affect corporate diversification behaviour in emerging markets? 

    This paper investigates the role of firm-level and country-level governance on corporate diversification behaviour in emerging markets. The results show that firms with combined leadership structure are more diversified while firms with more independent directors are less diversified. There is a U-shaped relationship between ownership concentration and diversification. No significant association between country-level shareholder protection and diversification is demonstrated.