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  • Assessing changes in Turkish public opinion: Current trends and future prospects 

    It would be unfair underestimating the accumulated knowledge and efforts which target to assess public opinion on certain issues and put forward effective plans. However many of the research aiming to analyze public opinion handle the issue mostly during political election periods and they do not have much idea about the different actors and factors that would be effective in the formation of public opinion. There is only a few research done in Turkey that measures public opinion regularly. Therefore ...

  • International financial crises and the political economy of financial reforms in Turkey: 1994-2009 

    Authors:Şakar, Birgül
    Publisher and Date:(2009)
    This study1 holds for the formation of international financial crisis and political factors for economic crisis in Turkey are evaluated in chronological order. The international arena and relevant studies conducted in Turkey work in the literature are assessed. The main purpose of the study is to hold the linkage between the crises and political stability in Turkey in details and to examine the position of Turkey in this regard. The introduction part follows the literature survey on the models ...