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  • A Country Under Siege: Reflection of Identity Crisis on the Formation of Public Opinion in Turkey 

    To date academic attention in social sciences remains inadequate with regard to research and analysis of public opinion in Turkey. Most of the existing research has assessed the public opinion during political election periods. Therefore it is of great interest to find out what the public thinks about current issues in the country and how to interpret the results to be able to reveal whether they may have any reflections on social political and cultural structure of the country. The current study ...

  • Deepening Polarization in Turkish Society: The Impact of Political Actors on Public Opinion 

    Recent research shows that polarization trends are on the rise in Turkey (Konda 2010; BILGESAM 2014: Erdogan 2016: Kadir Has University Turkey Research Center 2017). There are different patterns of polarization in Turkish social and political structure, while its consequences reveal themselves in the political rhetoric, media discourse and voting behavior. There is not much research done in social sciences with regard to the research of polarization and its underlying factors in Turkey. To be able ...

  • The despotic imperative: From Hiero to the circle 

    Authors:Diken, Bülent
    Publisher and Date:(Duke University Press, 2019)
    The article thematizes the actuality of despotism through a double reading of Xenophon’s Hiero and Dave Eggers’s Circle. A key text on despotism, Hiero is interesting to reconsider in a contemporary context because of its explicit focus on the economic element in the nexus of despotism, economy, and voluntary servitude. Discussing this nexus in an ancient context, the article turns to The Circle, a dystopic novel from 2013, which elaborates on how the attempt at creating a transparent society ...

  • Who sets the agenda in Turkey? Recent political and social trends in Turkish public opinion 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu
    Publisher and Date:(Common Ground Research Networks, 2015)
    In terms of scholarly research and understanding the national social and political systems and policies the need exists for an empirical assessment of recent trends in public opinion in Turkey. Accordingly the current study seeks to fill the gap in the social sciences literature in English regarding Turkey's social and political stand which may be perceived to be very different by other nations. Without timely feedback from public surveys various programs for improving different services and ...

  • Women’s empowerment through the internet 

    Authors:Karataş, Şule
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2014)
    This thesis aims to investigate the possibility of women’s empowerment through the internet. Examining women’s empowerment in three major topics: health politics and economy this study argues that the internet empowers women by providing them the cyberspace to access information to share their experiences and to communicate about different issues which have impacts on women’s lives. Through analyzing various websites and blogs operated by women around the world the study suggests that women challenge ...