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  • Conformal and generalized concircular mappings of Einstein-Weyl manifolds 

    Authors:Özdeǧer, Abdülkadir
    Publisher and Date:(2010)
    In this article after giving a necessary and sufficient condition for two Einstein-Weyl manifolds to be in conformal correspondence we prove that any conformal mapping between such manifolds is generalized concircular if and only if the covector field of the conformal mapping is locally a gradient. Using this fact we deduce that any conformal mapping between two isotropic Weyl manifolds is a generalized concircular mapping. Moreover it is shown that a generalized concircularly flat Weyl manifold ...

  • Generalized Einstein tensor for a Weyl manifold and its applications 

    Authors:Özdeǧer, Abdülkadir
    Publisher and Date:(Springer Heidelberg, 2013)
    It is well known that the Einstein tensor G for a Riemannian manifold defined by R (alpha) (beta) = g (beta gamma) R (gamma I +/-) where R (gamma I +/-) and R are respectively the Ricci tensor and the scalar curvature of the manifold plays an important part in Einstein's theory of gravitation as well as in proving some theorems in Riemannian geometry. In this work we first obtain the generalized Einstein tensor for a Weyl manifold. Then after studying some properties of generalized Einstein tensor ...

  • On sectional curvatures of a Weyl manifold 

    Authors:Özdeǧer, Abdülkadir
    Publisher and Date:(2006)
    In this paper it is proved that if at each point of a Weyl manifold the sectional curvature is independent of the plane chosen then the Weyl manifold is locally conformal to an Einstein manifold and that the scalar curvature of the Weyl manifold is prolonged covariant constant.