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  • Electronic government services in Europe: Strategies projects and applications 

    Authors:Oberer, Birgit; Erkollar, Alptekin
    Publisher and Date:(Academic Journals, 2011)
    In Europe national electronic government incentives have made a significant contribution to the modernization of administration and its processes as well as its customer oriented services. In this study European strategies and projects for electronic government as well as their implementation plans were analyzed followed by an examination of the electronic services offered by the national governmental authorities in Austria European pioneers in electronic government the United Kingdom the electronic ...

  • National Electronic Government Strategies in Austria 

    Authors:Oberer, Birgit; Erkollar, Alptekin
    Publisher and Date:(ACAD Conferences Ltd, 2011)
    One of the most emerging concepts of information technology is the one of electronic government. Electronic services that are made available by governments to citizens businesses and other governments (international) or governmental authorities (national) are general proof of the changes being made in the public sector. Intersecting the government citizen and business domain a business model can be defined considering the government-to-business government-to-citizen and government-to-government ...