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  • Corporate Payout Policy in Turkey: Does Market Power Affect the Dividend Payout? 

    Authors:Vural-Yavaş, Çiğdem
    Publisher and Date:(EGE UNIV, 2020)
    The primary purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between corporate dividend-payout policy and the competition in the product market for the listed companies in Turkey using a panel data of non-financial firms over the period 2007 to 2015. Turkey is an emerging market classified as a French-civil-law country with weak protection of investors. Using Turkish firms, we analyze the effect of competition on dividend-payout policy, under weak investor protection. Our results indicate that ...

  • Perceived Financial Needs, Income Sources, and Subjective Financial Well-Being in an Emerging Market 

    Authors:Kiymaza, Halil; Öztürkkal, Belma
    Publisher and Date:(Springer Publishing Co, 2019)
    This study investigates perceived financial needs and subjective financial well-being using data from a national survey of 2,567 households in Turkey. Financial needs are measured by consumer perceived ability to meet current living expenses in the short-term as well as their assessment for the retirement security in the long-term. We also investigate how income sources are related to subjective financial well-being. Findings show that households' daily concerns including the inability to meet ...