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  • Corporate risk-taking in developed countries: The influence of economic policy uncertainty and macroeconomic conditions 

    Authors:Vural-Yavaş, Çiğdem
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier, 2020)
    Using 74,974 firm-year observations covering 15 developed European countries over the time period 1999-2017, this paper explores the effect of economic policy uncertainty on corporate risk-taking. The findings indicate that firms become more risk averse with an economic policy uncertainty shock. The relationship is valid under idiosyncratic and earnings volatility risk measures, regardless of whether the macroeconomic condition is favorable or not. Moreover, the competition level in the industry ...

  • Economic policy uncertainty, stakeholder engagement, and environmental, social, and governance practices: The moderating effect of competition 

    Authors:Vural-Yavaş, Çiğdem
    Publisher and Date:(Wiley, 2020)
    his paper investigates the effect of the economic policy uncertainty (EPU) on corporate environmental, social, and governance practices (ESG), using 6,562 firm-year observations from 15 developed European countries covering the period from 2004 to 2017. The results show that during periods of high uncertainty, firms increase their overall ESG performance, corporate environmental performance, and performance in governance. The relationship is valid for emission, resource use, workforce, management, ...

  • eGovernment in Healthcare: Smart Open Services for European Patients 

    Authors:Oberer, Birgit
    Publisher and Date:(Information Engineering Research Inst Usa, 2013)
    With the establishment of a European E-Health Network the European Union would like to improve citizens' health by making life-saving information available using E-Health tools to make E-Health tools more effective user friendly and widely accepted by involving professionals and patients in strategy design and implementation of the network and to increase healthcare quality and access by making E-Health a part of the European health policy and managing cross national political financial and technical ...

  • The salafi ideology and its effects on radicalization in Europe 

    Authors:Başmısırlı, Hasan
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2017)
    The radical islamist movements are on the rise across Europe. A new generation of homegrown jihadists creates an even greater challenge for European policy makers. Since the attacks of 9/11 the global war on terror may have some success in terms of conventional fighting but it seems to be failing in terms of preventing radicalization. The Salafi ideology is the main system of thinking behind many fundamentalist organizations and terror groups. The radicalization occurs as a result of the Salafi ...