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  • In the Father’s House: Language and Violence in the Work of Assia Djebar and Leïla Sebbar 

    Authors:Schneider, Annedith
    Publisher and Date:(2018)
    This essay examines autobiographical writing by two women who grew up in colonial Algeria; it considers how the relationship between fathers and daughters is marked by linguistic conflict. For each of these writers, language is not a simple tool, but instead a problematic inheritance that shapes her world and her relationship with her father. Assia Djebar and Leila Sebbar, who were children in colonial Algeria of the late 1940s and early 1950s, examine their relationships to Arabic and French in ...

  • The not so new Turkish woman: A statistical look at women in two Istanbul neighborhoods 

    Authors:O'Neil, Mary Lou; Güler, Fazil
    Publisher and Date:(2009)
    Using survey data gathered from nearly 400 women living in two Istanbul neighborhoods this article explores issues of work education family and feminism. In addition to presenting the findings we argue that there is a continued gap between the ideal of the Republican woman and the actual practices of this group of Turkish women. The picture of these Turkish women that emerged from this survey is that of women still largely in the grips of an ideal born in the early days of the Turkish Republic. ...

  • Türkiye'de ailelerin refah düzeyi 

    Authors:Payzun, Ahmet; Diner, Çağla
    Publisher and Date:(2011)
    Türkiye’de ailelerin refah kavramlaştırmalarını öğrenmek ve de ailelerin refah düzeylerini saptamak amacıyla gerçekleştirilen bu calışma, nicel ve nitel veri derleme tekniklerinin birlikte kullanıldığı kapsamlı bir alan araştırması olarak tasarlanmış ve 2010 yılında gerçekleştirilmiştir.