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  • Optimization of Graph Affinity Matrix with Heuristic Methods in Dimensionality Reduction of Hypespectral Images 

    Authors:Ceylan, Oğuzhan; Taşkın, Gülşen
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2019)
    Hyperspectral images include hundreds of spectral bands, adjacent ones of which are often highly correlated and noisy, leading to a decrease in classification performance as well as a high increase in computational time. Dimensionality reduction techniques, especially the nonlinear ones, are very effective tools to solve these issues. Locality preserving projection (LPP) is one of those graph based methods providing a better representation of the high dimensional data in the low-dimensional space ...

  • Post outage bus voltage calculations for double branch outages 

    Authors:Ceylan, Oǧuzhan; Ozdemir, Aydogan; Daǧ, Hasan
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2012)
    Secure operation of electrical power systems is vital hence fast and accurate post-outage state calculations are important for contingency analysis. Contingency analysis includes simulations of both the single and double branch outages. This paper presents constrained optimization problem of a recently developed double branch outage model. Harmony search algorithm is used as an optimization tool. IEEE 30 Bus Test system simulation results are given and compared with those of the AC load flow in ...

  • Post-outage state estimations for outage management 

    Authors:Ceylan, Oǧuzhan; Ozdemir, Aydogan; Daǧ, Hasan
    Publisher and Date:(IFAC Secretariat, 2011)
    Real time outage information is required to the utility operators for outage management process. In addition to some basic information regarding the outage post-outage system status will help to improve the response to outages and management of system reliability. This paper presents particle swarm optimization based reactive power estimations for branch outages. Post outage voltage magnitudes and reactive power flows results for IEEE 14 and IEEE 30 bus systems are given. Simulation results show ...