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  • Film as a tool to rewrite history: New political cinema in Turkey 

    Authors:Paça Cengiz, Esin
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2010)
    In order to "construct" a national narrative, unsettling moments of Turkish history have been disavowed by the official discourse in Turkey. As a consequence, uneasy and therefore repressed knowledge of the past, which has not been appropriated as a part of the official discourse on national history, is finding its existence in cinematic representations. Along with the mainstream films in which the official discourses on history resonate, the growing interest in representing the past in cinema in ...

  • Pushing the boundaries of the historical documentary: Su Friedrich's 1984 The Ties That Bind 

    This article argues that Su Friedrich's 1984 film The Ties That Bind employs what were at the time atypical forms and techniques to push the limits of the traditional historical documentary. Its aesthetic experimentation helps to redefine the idea of historical representation in film and does so mainly by treating evidence as both partial (in both senses of the word) and contingent offering a radical challenge to normative history and destabilizing the notion of history as authority. Unlike ...