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  • Elusive citizenship: Media, minorities and freedom of communication in Turkey in the last decade 

    This paper is based on a presentation delivered at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford on 21st of May 2012 as part of the Seminar Series “Authority, Censorship and Subversion in Turkey: Culture and Society in the AKP Years”. It reviews the developments that took place in realm of freedom of communication and media in the last decade.1 Through interviews with editors and journalists, this presentation demonstrates that the exercise of democratic citizenship through the media and freedom ...

  • Media and democracy in Turkey: Toward a model of neoliberal media autocracy 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu; Akser, Murat
    Publisher and Date:(2012)
    This paper reveals the ways in which media autocracy operates on political, judicial, economic and discursive levels in post-2007 Turkish media. Newsmakers in Turkey currently experience five different systemic kinds of neoliberal government pressures to keep their voice down: conglomerate pressure, judicial suppression, online banishment, surveillance defamation and accreditation discrimination. The progression of restrictions on media freedom has increased in volume annually since 2007; this ...

  • Publishing leaked information as news: Sabotage or journalistic success? 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu; Smith, Ayten Gorgun
    Publisher and Date:(2013)
    This article aims to analyse the universal news criteria regarding the transformation of information into news. In February 2013 the transcript of a meeting between 3 pro-Kurdish deputies and the jailed leader of the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers Party) was leaked to the Turkish press. This was published in Milliyet a national Turkish newspaper and has been interpreted as a forceful move to sabotage the positive atmosphere surrounding Turkey's latest efforts with the PKK to end a conflict that has ...

  • Uluslararası İletişim ve Kamu Diplomasisi: BBC Dünya Servisi Haber Merkezi Örneği 

    Yirminci yüzyıldan başlayarak, devletlerin uluslararası alanda kamuoyu oluşturmanın önemine verdikleri değere paralel olarak ulus-ötesi yayıncılığa verdikleri önemin de arttığı gözlemlenmektedir. Bu bağlamda, genellikle uluslararası ilişkilerin alt alanı olarak görülen kamu diplomasisi, İkinci Dünya Savaşı’yla beraber bir iletişim stratejisi olarak önem kazanmıştır. Bu makale, uluslararası yayıncılık ve habercilik alanındaki ilk faaliyetlerin görüldüğü BBC Dünya Servisi’ni incelemekte, ...

  • Use of data visualization in news reporting in Turkey 

    Authors:Demirel, Sadettin
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2018)
    The purpose of this thesis is to reveal the current state of the use of data visualization in news reporting and challenges of integrating data visualization in news making in Turkey. Unlike the previous studies’ graphic design perspective to the subject of data visualization this thesis approached the subject of data visualization from the journalistic perspective in Turkey. Mixed method approach was used to scrutinize the subject of the thesis. The method contains two components which are a ...