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  • Improving the accuracy of indoor positioning system 

    Authors:Hameez, Mohammed Muwafaq Noori
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Indoor positioning applications needs high accuracy and precision to overcome the existing obstacles and relatively small areas. There are several methods which could be used to locate an object or people in an indoor location. Specifically, Ultra-wide band (UWB) sensor technology is a promising technology in indoor environments because of its high accuracy, resistance of interference and better penetrating. This thesis is focused on improving the accuracy of UWB sensor based indoor positioning ...

  • Message-passing based algorithm for the global alignment of clustered pairwise PPI networks 

    Authors:Yenigün, Doğan Yiğit
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    Constrained global network alignments on pairwise protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks involve matchings between two organisms where proteins are grouped together in a great number of clusters, produced by algorithms that seek functionally ortholog ones and these organisms are represented as graphs. Unlike balanced global network alignments, this has not gained much popularity in bioinformatics. Only a few methods have been proposed thus far; by assuming specific structures of networks ...

  • Recommendation of data visualization tools for non-technical people 

    Authors:Omran, Ahmet
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Big data analysis and data science are promising trends. Visualization is critical part. It outlines and presents data as information from different perspectives. Consequently, leaders, decision makers, and end users will grasp concepts and identify patterns with new dimensions. However, while time is still a complex dimension, the number of Information Visualization (InfoVis) software tools are increasing rapidly. This research test out how non-technical people select their InfoVis tools. Generally, ...